Tickets Together

What is AHLF’s Tickets Together Program?

AHLF’s Tickets Together program is a series of contests where participants have an opportunity to win a New York Knicks VIP game experience at Madison Square Garden. The program’s goal is to promote the important value that Fathers and Mentors play in the lives of their Children and Mentees.


Why Tickets Together?

It is addressing the national crisis of disengaged fathers:
• 24 million children, or 1 out of 3 live in a father absent home
• For African Americans, 2 out of 3 children live in a household without their biological father
• Research indicates the overall well- being of children increases when fathers are present

Additional Stats:
• Children: 90% of runaway and homeless children, are from fatherless homes
• Families: 44% of children in mother-only families live in poverty (compared to 12% in married families)
• Community: Children with no father present are significantly more likely to commit a crime or end up in prison


How do we do it and who is involved?

  • Essay Contest: We develop themed topics and encourage Fathers/Mentors to submit essays based on contest themes.
  • Social Media Contest: We develop social media themes and encourage participants to submit photos or responses using themed hashtags.
  • Whose Involved: AHLF Team members create the contests, judge the essay submissions and correspond with the winning participants. The Team works alongside season tickets holders and the NY Knicks Community Relations department to provide pre-game passes and Knicks VIP experience.


What Is Our Impact?

  • Number of Pairs: Since the program’s inception during the 2010/2011 Knicks season, more than 80 fathers, mentors,children and mentees have been impacted by the joy, fun and excitement of the Tickets Together experience.
  • Number of Tickets Given: From the kind generosity of our season ticket holders, more than170 tickets have been provided.
  • Fatherhood: The Tickets Together program has grown each year with the number of families we’ve served. It has been used as a tool to strengthen family and community relationships all while enjoying an incredible night of basketball.


Tickets Together Immediate Goals

  • To Expand Tickets Together to the Westchester Knicks Community
  • Increase More Experience Opportunities for Families
  • Enhance the Allan Houston Legacy Foundation and Partners’ Commitment toEmpowering Fathers, Families and Communities


To view photos of Tickets Together winners, click HERE!