By: Jerry Tipton

Besides re-opening a well-worn chapter in Kentucky basketball history, Brad Calipari and John Calipari will join a surprisingly large fraternity of father-son collaborations.

Press and Pete Maravich. Al and Allie McGuire. Homer and Bryce Drew. Lon and Kevin Kruger. Greg and Doug McDermott. Dickand Tony Bennett. Wade and Allan Houston. Jerry and Danny Tarkanian. And, as UK fans know, there’s also Adolph and Herky Rupp, Eddie and Sean Sutton, and Tubby and Saul Smith.

To name a few.

The late Al McGuire, who had a gift for wit, famously defined a guiding principle for when father and son want to become coach and player. The son has to be the best player on the team or the worst player, he said. Anything in between raises the specter of nepotism, which fuels grumbling by fans and teammates.

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