By: BabyCenter Guest Blogger

If you have seven kids, you either really, really love being a father, or you’re trying to acquire your own basketball team the old-fashioned way. If you’re Allan Houston, it’s both. Houston’s love and basketball story starts with his parents. His father, Wade, was part of the first class of African American basketball signees at the University of Louisville in 1962. His mother, Alice, grew up in Louisville 2 houses down from the Clays — yes, the Cassius Clays — and Allan spent his earliest years in that house on Grand Avenue, where the families were tight. In 1989, the University of Tennessee made Wade the first African American head coach in the Southeast Conference, and he brought along Allan, a freshly minted state champion and Kentucky’s scholastic Mr. Basketball.

Houston graduated as UT’s all-time leading scorer, became a 2-time NBA All-Star and Olympic gold medalist, and is currently the New York Knicks’ Assistant GM. In his spare time — if you believe a dude with that rap sheet and 7 kids has any — Houston leads his namesake Legacy Foundation, which funds fatherhood and mentorship initiatives including his “Father Knows Best” program. Presumably, after all that, Houston and his wife, Tamara, go home and run full-court 4-on-4 games in the driveway. With a sub.

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