For years, sports personalities graced the news with stories of excellence. But more recently, the news has been skewed towards stories of personal failure. For this reason, All Sports United created its Humanitarian Award to recognize the efforts of professional athletes as philanthropists. There goal is to bring more positive news to the world at the intersection of sports and philanthropy and to highlight the amazing work of so many.

Allan Houston was nominated by his fans. Now, those same fans can help choose him as the Humanitarian of the Year for 2015. If Houston wins, The Allan Houston Foundation will receive almost $100,000 worth of services from ASU’s sponsors.

To vote for Allan Houston for Humanitarian of the Year for 2015, click HERE. 

Assistant GM of the New York Knicks, international ambassador for the NBA, and spokesman for the National Fatherhood Initiative. He was named one of The Sporting News’ “Good Guys in Sports.” His Legacy Foundation has served over 1,500 participants across the country through original programs in fatherhood and entrepreneurship. Through the success of his philanthropy, Allan received the President’s Council on Service and Civic Engagement Award from the Obama Administration in 2011.

Voting begins April 15 and ends May 15. Vote for Allan, and then share this campaign with your fellow fans by using this hashtag on social media: #AllStarsGiv_Houston