By Brian Heyman

Kevin Whitted kept in touch with Allan Houston, two ex-basketball players now in their early 40s who can take a trip back in time together to when they were Tennessee teammates.

“He liked to imitate people, so you know he’s paying attention to details,” Houston said. “But I’m really more impressed and proud of his path afterward, his work ethic and his humility.”

Houston went on to become a shooting star in the backcourt and an executive with the Knicks. Whitted’s path took him mostly to Europe to play professionally, then to the minor leagues for eight years of coaching. And he opened a business in player development, which is a passion for him. He told Houston if anything ever came up, he was ready and available.

Something came up. And there they were Thursday on the gym floor at Children’s Village, striking happy poses for the cameras, doing interviews and helping run a clinic for the students.

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