By Zak Failla

Dozens of NBA hopefuls looking to live out their dream laced up and took their game to Ardsley on Saturday as they attempted to make the cut with the Westchester Knicks.

House of Sports was the place to be for hoops stars and fans alike, as the Knicks sought to bolster their roster with some hometown flavor during an open tryout in front of some of the D-League affiliate’s top brass.

For a $150 fee, nearly 100 of the area’s top players showed off their skills in a series of drills and exercises designed by Westchester Knick officials.

General Manager Allan Houston, a Knicks legend in his own right, said that they were hopeful of finding some talent in the deep pool of players that showed up to the tryout.

“It’s exciting,” Houston said. “You get to see people start living out their dreams. Not everyone will get there, but it’s good training for everyone. It’s only one day here, but it’s my experience that we’ll have enough and see enough to get an idea (of the player’s abilities).”

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