By TJ Jann

The Knicks had some talent come through the franchise in the 09-10 decade. Here is a list of the top player at each position for the New York Knicks from 2000-2010. Allan Houston was named the top shooting guard.

One of the most popular Knicks, Houston was an incredible shooter who could also dunk in traffic (before knee problems). In the time period being observed, Houston averaged 18.7, 20.4, 22.5, 18.5, and 11.9 (early ending due to surgery). That is some prolific scoring. That is also back when the league still played defense.

While his story wasn’t nearly as exciting as Marbury’s, he did leave his mark on the franchise with a crippling six year $100 million extension signed back in 2001. The Knicks got their money’s worth the first two seasons, but after that Houston played only 70 games the next two seasons before retiring due to injury. However, he was still receiving his almost $20 million a year after retirement, and yes it counted against the salary cap.

Houston left his mark on the NBA with “The Allan Houston Rule.” This is virtually the amnesty clause where a team can release a player and not count his salary against the luxury tax. However, the team still needs to pay his salary, even if he signs with another team. Oh well, Houston was a great Knick.

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