By Melanie Evans-Rivera

Not so long ago Allan Houston made a stop in Erie, Pennsylvania.

This is not unusual, he is after all the Assistant General Manager of the New York Knicks, and GM of the Erie Bayhawks of the NBA development league. Although Houston was there for basketball related reasons it was not to demonstrate his solid basketball skills or to talk business, but to introduce his ‘Father Knows Best’ program to the people of Erie County.

When most people hear about Houston’s program they immediately think it is all about connecting fathers with sons.

However, whenever Houston stages these clinics there is also an importance on connecting fathers with their daughters.

All too often the importance of a father in a girl’s life is overlooked. There are a lot of single moms out there doing a wonderful job of raising their daughters but there are many things that a father – or a strong father figure – can give to a young woman.

Reiterating the importance of their role in their daughter’s lives is mentored through the ‘Father Knows Best’ program something that Houston takes great pride in. As you would expect from someone who is a father to five daughters.

Its easier to think about shooting hoops as a father and son thing, but girls enjoy the same interaction as well, whether it is playing basketball – which yes, lots of girls like to do – or simply having their father involved in what they do. It’s something that is really important for a girl, no matter what age.

Through the ‘Father Knows Best’ program Houston is one of the few people emphasizing that.

And that’s a pretty wonderful thing.